Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently in the News, 2/28/13

Well, it's an interesting set of stories for this week.  Who can not say that we live in interesting times.

The Pope, having resigned, is having his last day.  Will he leave with a box of his stuff and the office stapler?

Anne Hathaway's perky nipples accomplished their objective with a slew of commentary.  Look for more of the braless look next year.

Sequestration is imminent as Congress lives on the edge.

Jack Lew is now Secretaty of the Treasury.  His first task is to develop a legible signature.

Bob Woodward is trying to be back in the news again.  Bob, you had your fifteen minutes.

A Vermont woman received a face transplant.

Hot air ballooning in Egypt found to be unsafe.  Who would have known>

They're playing basketball now for any excuse.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Little Craziness in Key West

While I was down in Key West with my girls, I went on the philosophy that "What happens in Key West stays in Key West.  In other words, I could be as little more relaxed than I could back in Geneseo.  Anyway, we were lounging poolside at the hotel.  It was one of those places where we had to get out by 10 AM to snag enough decent lounge chairs.

In honor of this trip, I got the skimpiest string bikini possible.  My girls commented on it; one said, Mommy, you're showing your boobs!  [Where did she learn such words?]

Anyway, I got up to hop in the pool when the strings to my bathing suit top got caught in the plastic straps of the chair.  My daughters started pointing and laughing at me as I tried to cover up and put my top back on

I then observed that I got a lot of strangers looking on and applauding.

In a moment of craziness, I pulled my top off for a second to acknowledge their attention.

We went back to Geneseo and my normal, stable life.